Here's small tips to get you started, and level-specific tips if you get stuck!

> Press LEFT and RIGHT arrows to spin around the cylinder.
> Press Z for red lazer, X for green lazer and C for blue lazer. red lazers kill red cubes, green lazers kill green cubes, and blue lazer kills bule cubes.
> Red, blue and green are your primary colours, master them well.
> The secondary colors Magenta, Cyan and Yellow appear upon level 4.
> Magenta = Red + Blue. Hitting a Magenta cube with red lazer turns it into blue, and hitting it with a blue turns it red.
> Cyan = Blue + Green. Hitting a Cyan cube with blue lazer turns it into green, and hitting it with a green turns it blue.
> Yellow = Red + Green. Hitting a Yellow cube with red lazer turns it into green, and hitting it with a green turns it red.
> White lazer destroys White cubes use SPACEBAR to shoot a white lazer that destroys white cubes.
> White lazer turns Black cubes into a random primary color black absorbs all light, except for white shots. To destroy a black cube, use white lazer to shoot it once, then observe what primary colour it turns into, then shoot it with the corresponding primary colour.
> ElectroSpheres - glowing balls of red, green and blue, can be destroyed in ELECTRO MODE
> Pressing DOWN Arrow key switches you between ELECTRO and NORMAL modes of fire.
> Holding LEFT CONTROL key switches you to the other mode, for the duration that it is held. So in electro mode, ctrl would go into normal, and vice versa.

> SPAMMING WILL NOT WORK Every time you do an incorrect shot, your countdown of kills to next round INCREASES. Although spamming might just save you some times, you have to take the consequences.
> Master your primaries. You need em. Try assigning primaries numbers 1, 2 and 3, and whisper them as you shoot. Helps for me..
> Some levels follow patterns e.g. spiral, some levels are random, some levels are partly random but limited in some aspect e.g. only 3 rails or only 1 rail.
> Some levels are limited to 1 rail, and the enemies come fast. But the catch is, it followes a specific sequence.
> Remember this: Secondaries are tempting to press the 2 keys at once, but this can lead to bad results with a key being pressed twice. Generally, it is MUCH safer to press the two keys in a quick sequence.
> Remember the 2 keys for secondary colors, so like, always use red then blue for magenta...etc. And of course, mesmorise!
> Sometimes, you may want to put black squares as higher priority to destroy, as they take reaction time to shoot it the second time after seeing wta it has turned into.
> Sometimes, holding CTRL quickly to switch to electro mode is good, soemtimes using DOWN to switch to Electro mode completely is better.
> If you find a level impossible, then check out the level specific guides below, might help you realise something you didn't.

Level-Specific Guide: (Warning: Spoilers)
Firstly, For the sequences, here's the key:
R = red, G = green, B = blue, *R = Electro Red, *G = Electro Green, *B = Electro Blue, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow, C = Cyan, W = White, BL = Black, _ = Pause
Also, sequence levels ALWAYS go back to the first letter when finished. They just wrap around.

Level 1 - Speed: 0.056 - This level just serves as an introduction of the 3 primary colors. The keys are Z, X, C Left, and Right arrow. Take time to be familiar with them. Remember, don't spam keys.

Level 2 - Speed: 0.176 - Things spawn a bit more often here, and a tad faster. Take time to train a bit here with the primary colors.

Level 3 - Speed: 0.301 - Things come a lot faster here compared to the first two levels, but if you took some time training, you should be fine.

Level 4 - Speed: 0.425 - Secondary colours are introduced here. Read the notes above, and once again take time to get decent with your secondaries. You will get confused at the start, but it'll build up!

Level 5 - Speed: 0.570 - The secondary colours are mixed in with primaries, for your confusion. You will need to mentaly sort out which ones are primary and which ones need two key presses.

Level 6 - Speed: 0.0579 - This should be an easy, but confusing level. They spawn fast, they come at SNAILS SPEED. Try to evenly distribute along the 8 rails, like don't shoot one empty with other ones almost full. You'll die that way. Try to spin around, shooting one at a time, and go around and around and around.

Level 7 - Speed: 1.770 - Very contrasting from the last level, this level, enemies come FAST. But, good things: annoying and confusing secondary colours are gone, for now, and they all come on 1 rail! focus on that rail, and focus. You'll need to be quite fluent in your primary colors by this point, If you can't beat this, I suggest training on level 3.

Level 8 - Speed: 1.270 - Same as level 7 but slower, and they come on 3 rails. So you will eed to have the primary mastery from level 7, and also, keeping on track of whats coming on which of the 3 rails. The trick here is, try to destroy the rails in the order they come. You may find also that, you shouldn't switch lanes when you don't need to. I've done that, and died because I accidentally switched lanes when the next cube was right under!

Level 9 - Speed: 0.60211 - For my friend Paul Anderson who tested this, this level was a real toughie. The blocks come in a clockwise spiral, and you'll need FAST fast reflexes with primary colours here. you will need to press Left, shoot, left, shoot, left, shoot, left, shoot...etc very fast, to keep up with the spiral, which goes quite fast, and DON'T GO BACK AND CORRECT MISTAKES. The time you take to spin right, correct an error, spin left twice, and continue on, the spiral wouldve advanced a helluva lot.

Level 10 - Speed: 2.495 - Congratulations for beating level 9! Anyway, this is the first level that comes in set sequences. Heres the sequence (See above for what these letters mean) : R R G G B B R R G G B B G G R R R R G G B B

Level 11 - Speed: 1.775 - Slightly more complated sequence level, involving some secondaries. The blocks also travel slower. Heres the sequence (See above for what these letters mean) : R R Y G G Y R R M G G M R R C G G C B B B B

Level 12 - Speed: 2.175 - Fast sequence. This is one of my favourite sequence levels, since playing the game sounds like playing music :P So, imagine you're playing music! Heres the sequence (See above for what these letters mean) : R G B R G B R G B Y _ R G B R G B R G B M _ G B _ G B _ G B C _ R R R R

Level 13 - Speed: 0.475 - This level introduces black and white squares. Remember that black squares may need priority over closer white squares, because of the fact that you need to shoot it twice. Hit black cubes with SPACE BAR to turn them into a primary cube, then shoot the primary as you've always shot them.

Level 14 - Speed: 0.8278 - Another one of those confusion maps that solves itself the more you play :). Try a few more times if you're stuck. Things also come quite fast, so if theres something spawning over the opposite tube, you'll have to spin around quick as you can and probably JUST make it to destroy it. Don't worry too much here, You have 10 health here for this level! Primary colours + white + black cubes.

Level 15 - Speed: 0.4665 - This level is pure confusion, and what beats confusion? Practice and concertration. If you can't beat this level, concertrate, practice, give it all you have! Contains primaries + white + black + secondary colors.

Level 16 - Speed: 1.387 - I lost this level myself a couple of times, being the fact that you only get 2 health. But this requires you to do quick realization of what your evil black cubes have turned into. Hint: Look at the particle splash effect ring thing. Its color is a good announcement of the colour that the black cube has turned into. The cubes come in 2 lanes/rails, and also, don't switch lanes when you don't need to switch.

Level 17 - Speed: 1.387 - Originally a filler level for testing, I might just as well include this level in. Switch to Electro mode using down arrow, and keep your reactions tuned, as you might just have enough time to spin around to catch the spheres! Only red spheres.

Level 18 - Speed: 1.995 - This is an interesting level. You probably have lost this level already, and this is probably why you consulted this guide in the first place. Enemies come in sets of full 8 rails, and they come at regular intervals. If you followed a pattern of SPACE, see what it has tuned into, press the right colour, left, SPACE, see what colour, shoot it, left......etc you may well find that you're much too slow to keep up. The trick here is: go Left, space, left, space, left, space, left, space...etc until the whole row of cubes is turned into colours. when you finish off the last ube, treat this level as if it was level 9. This is much faster, as when you uncover all the square,s your brain finds patterns in the colours, and also you know whats your next colour, thus eliminating reaction time otherwise needed.

Level 19 - Speed: 0.559 - This level acts as an introduction to ElectroSpheres (with exception of level 17). Switch to Electro Mode using Down arrow, and this level just turns into level 3 but faster. Try to get the feel of zapping electrospheres here, not lazering them.

Level 20 - Speed: 0.5355 - The down button trick won't work here, as you need to quickly switch between primary colours and electrosphere primary colours. So use LEFT CONTROL key for this one, and just hold down control, bast some electrospheres, release, go on with your primary cube business. This level should eb quite easy once you get the hang.

Level 21 - Speed: 0.5021 - All right! Heres a good challenge of confusion! Once again, concerntrate. All the stuff previously in the game is in this level, Secondary colours, black + whites, electros, all here. Stuff also comes quite fast here, so keep a steady hand and practice more on the previous level if you want.

Level 22 - Speed: 2.111 - Sequences are back! And they're more faster and more challenging! Heres the sequence (See above for what these letters mean) : R G B *G *B _ R G B *G *B _ R G B *G *B _ R G B *G *B G B *G *B W _ Y G B *G *B _ M G B *G *B _ C G B *G *B G B *G *B W _

Level 23 - Speed: 2.6115 - This is a blazingly fast sequence, and may take some time to get used to. use Down arrow for the switch, ad use CTRL for the fast *B G *B G *B G *B G *B part. And they're more faster and more challenging! Heres the sequence (See above for what these letters mean) : B G R G B G R G B G R G *B *G *R *G *B *G *R *G *B *G *R *G *B G *B G *B G *B G *B _ - Note: if you're having trouble with this level, its probably that you're using the wrong thing to switch between normal and electro. Try this key sequence: CXZXCXZXCXZX*Down Arrow*CXZXCXZXCXZX C Control-X C Control-X C Control-X C Control-X C *Down Arrow* *Repeat*

Level 24 - Speed: 1.932 - This sequence level is slightly slower, but more confusing, and even includes a black square to keep you awake! Heres the sequence (See above for what these letters mean) : R R G G *R *R *G *G G G B B *G *G A A _ *B Y M C _ BL W W W W _

Level 25 - Speed: 0.50722 - Things are limited to 3 lines, and are quite busy. Keep your nerves up. This level may be a tad it furustrating, but try to plan ahead when you have a rail lined up with heaps of stuff, look at the stuff after and plan your keys quickly.

Level 26 - Speed: 1.38722 - This level comes in a slow spiral, in sets of 4. This level is at its core, not hard at all. Only that you don't get much life at all, and things come fast and in lots of 4 closely packed together. You must be accurate with your conversions to/from electro mode.

Level 27 - Speed: 0.832 - This level also comes in a slow spiral, in sets of 4. Except this time, to confuse things up, secondary colours have been placed back in. This elvel and the previous level are to test that you do not fully rely on whispering, but you need to connect visual, remember it visually, and turn it into keystrokes, as its harder to remember 1, 2, 3 for red, green and blue, as electrospheres are here to muck you up :D

Level 28 - Speed: 1.152 - Hooray! You're in the last 3 levels of the game! So sum this level up, level 9 with changed between electro/normal modes. I'm not going to provide much detail on these last 3 levels.

Level 29 - Speed: 1.1043 - The spiral canges direction here. I'm not going to provide much info on these last 3 levels.

Level 30 - Speed: 0.8523 - Good luck!

Level 31 - BONUS LEVEL - This level is unique in that, it speeds up the moer you play it, and is practically impossible to finish. You do get nice score boosts if you keep your combo count up :D See how long you can last!

Level 32 - BONUS LEVEL - This level is unique in that, it speeds up the moer you play it, and is practically impossible to finish. You do get nice score boosts if you keep your combo count up :D See how long you can last!

Thanks a lot, really, for taking the time to read this guide and play the game. Best wishes.

- HyperNewbie